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Soul Food

Larry Jaffe: Soul Keepers
Helga Sigurdardottir: Growing
Birgitta Jonsdottir: Gaia
Nawaf Al Bukhari: Opening & Family in Moonlight
Rabbi Michael Lerner: A World Out of Touch With Itself
Wilfred Hildonen: If the Mountaind will Not
Roswita Szyszka: In Dreams
A. S. Maulucci: Walking in Paradise
Kucinta Setia: Visions of Healing
Katheleen Landry: Untitled
Rayn Roberts: Ideal
19 little children in the Head Start program: Flower
Fatima Lasay: DMF2001: Borderless Art
Yusuf Adamu : Friendship
A. Ghani Madueno: Grown-ups know, children learn, which one's better
Anjana Basu: Memorial
Isabela Pilapil: Cycles of Creation
Jill Ferguson: Furfish
Birgitta Jonsdottir: The Fall and Rise of the Eagle
Cyril Wong: Forgiveness
Thomas Fortenberry: Revolutionary
Dima Yakovina: Mother and Son
Catherine Yakovina: The Main Words
Kent Fielding: The Goat Woman's Dream: Joan of Arc
William Pitt Root: Song Of A Blind Traveller
Muhammad Jameel Yusha'u & Amina Sa'idu Abubakar: Poerrorism
Al Aronowitz: George Harrison  
Ana Istarú: I Didn't Ask For The War 
E.C. Archibeque: Terror
Reuven BenYuhmin: From The Buddhist Perspective
Sharif Ezzat: Only this life
Muhammad Zuhri: The Creator's Responsibility
His Holiness The Dalai Lama: Never Give Up
Joy Harjo: When The World As We Knew It Ended-