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As Above - So Below

Lawrence Ferlinghetti: To The Oracle In Delphi
Thomas Fortenberry: Headlines Are Screaming 
Reuven BenYuhmin: Born to Be Separated
Ilya Kaminsky: Maestro
Rain Graves: War Wives
Durlabh Singh: The Poetics of Space
William Small: Bombing Uddiyana
Helga Sigurdardottir: Transformation
Janet I. Buck: Grieving Pearls
Monsee Claravall: Untitled
Ryan Roberto: Fly
Raja Pradeep: Warmth
Raja Pradeep: Self-Analysis
Aida Hasan Damuni: Occupied Child
Brayant Mamauag: Abandoned Children 
Deborah Kohen: The Shadow & Artwork
Reuven BenYuhmin: Under Attac
Richard Parisio: Musk Mallows
Reuven BenYuhmin: In Sobbing Warfare
Corona Dolot: Innocent Minds, Innocent Victims 
Devin Galaudet: Letter to God
Sanjay C Kuttan: One Banner of Sadness
Noel Crue: Healing
Janko Andrijasevic: The Window Of Flatey
Vidya Krishna: Paradise Lost!
Terry Lowenstein: The Eagle Weeps
Ross D. Jahnig: The World Trade Center 1979
Yusuf Adamu: Crumbling Blocks
Ozdemir Asaf: Loneliness
Anna Ekström: Maths I & II
Tim Walker: Time wore on
Alessio Zanelli: Born On Passages
Aida Hasan Damuni: Rhythms Unheard
Nura Ahmad: A Child of Necessity
Rain Graves: John Lennon is Dead
Gigi Zoppello: The Weight Of A Dead
Hristo Ivanovski: The Policeman and the Carpenter
Gary Blankenship: Hidden, Less than Sand
Salvatore W. Delle Palme: The Dark Chasm
Durlabh Singh: Hungry Child
Athena Bertolino: Glass Slippers
Mohammed Bennis: Rose of Dust 
Ismail Bala Garba: Old Quarters
Lisa Duesing; Untitled
Christina Sng: The Final Stand
Durlabh Singh: Feats  Of  Courage
Jesse Glass: Man Without Air
Kate Levett : Tilly
Winona Baker: Haiku
Pamela Uschuk: One-Legged Dancer
Todd Swift: Itineraries
Athena Bertolino: Why We Can Not Be Friends
Rita Dove: Old Folk's Home, Jerusalem
Deborah Byrne: The Spanish Boys at The Hotel Manx
Thomas Ország-Land: Epilogue
Winona Baker: TV War
Alessio Zanelli: Dineh Ritual Of Recall
Charles Egill Hirt: Waterfall
Todd Swift: Two Images