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Durlabh Singh: Golden  Temple
Saskia Geest: Esthernet
Rhina P. Espaillat: Morning Prayer
Rayn Roberts: The Ageless Heart
James Herrick: Hymn Of The Cloud Kingdom
Kelly Shepherd: Transcend
Tomas Estrera III: Peace
Guia Salumbides: Urban/Minorities
Nawaf Al Bukhari: Happiness
Coral Hull: The Story Of Movement Is Slow The Clouds Sang
Savannah Skye: Love is... Love just is...
Sigurrós: She Earth
Gian Gianan: Spirituality
Aguila: The Mother
Jill Ferguson: Visions
Ansgard Thomson: Waves of Healing
Chiesa Irwin: This Singing Land
Silvia A. Brandon Pérez: Sit Here A Spell
Jerry Rea Ellis: One Nailprint
Saskia Geest: World Child
Azam Ali: Impermanence
C.K. Enwall: The Flower of Life
William Pitt Root: Little Song Of Patience
Reuven BenYuhmin: For A Time
Durlabh Singh: 7 PM
Chandra Alexandre: The Earth is a Ripe Harvest
Reuven BenYuhmin: Optics Enables
Osvaldo Sauma: Oration To Defeat Fear
Helga Sigurdardottir: Flight & Silence
Kelly Shepherd: Coyote in Blue Quill
Merilene M. Murphy: sometimes when you love me (mother earth) it hurts
Michael Lohr: The Echo of Ancient Whispers
Jeannette Drake: 911
W. Gregory Stewart & t. Winter-Damon:  Maize and Godseed
Gloria Burgess: Bridge At Nara
Daniel Johnson: An Ode to the Goddess
M.S. Raper: Verdant Soul
Birgitta Jonsdottir: Mountain Guide
Douglas Birge: The Becomming
Vesna Anastacia Bozhovich: Untitled 
Rayn Roberts: A Truth You May Have Forgotten
Dima Yakovina: Romantic Cats