Poems by Birgitta Jónsdóttir

The PoemS

The Chameleon
I am a witch of fate
without a spinning wheel.
I am a soldier with a soft heart.
I am a vagrant lady
with a snail house on my back.
I am a pilot without wings.
I am a space elf on planet earth.
I am the hooker of your thoughts.
I am the goddess that rises from the foaming ocean
in the shell of your dreams.

I am the chameleon,
I melt into the picture
as effortlessly as a sweet water drop
blends into salt water.

With music by Reptilicus
The Chameleon - Audio File


The Poem of Adventure
Deep inside the mountain
the adventures hide themselves.
They are of all forms and shapes.
They all have an excellent ending,
because those that life their lives in adventure
see the world in an extra ordinary special way.

To attract the adventures into the patterns of habit
you only need to close your eyes
and ask them to embrace you.
You can also imagine that you are transparent
and feel the wind stream through you
instead of going against you.
Or imagine there are tiny little wings on your back
and every time you take a new step you bounce a bit.

Maybe life it self is one big adventure
if only you have the correct shades on.
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