"God is dead!", cried Nietzsche´s madman, running devastated in the marketplace.

Nietzsche claimed that man inhabited a meaningless universe, but needed meaning in order to survive and so, reflected himself in the world around him, giving it, his, meaning. Every once in a while this meaning wears out, and that was the case with old Yahweh, who, as a measure of values in life, didn't function any more.

So old Friedrich challenged man to face the frightening reality, clean and sober, and find new meaning for the here and now. He feared that unless we did that, the knowledge of god's death would infiltrate us from behind and mankind's lot would be the madman's. In his fear Nietzsche anticipated much of what this mad century has seen, and still his challenge has not been faced.

So our intension on Craters is to face this challenge and revoke the madman claim in a gesture to partake in Othin´s self-sacrifice for wisdom.

And as Othinn cast his eye into the well of Mimir, we'll cast the glaring eye of the diseased god into the Ginnungagap of the chaotic, not for madness but for meaning. And we challenge our fellows on the net to partake as we glare into the empty eye socket...

G.I.M., 0.5 x reptilicus, april 1996.
by Johann E. - with music by Reptilicus, QT movie 2.2M

The melody - DDD from nowere
From the cd - Temperature of bloOd

A sample from Snaketime
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