She chooses to call herself a MultiArtist. There is a reason for that....being multitalented mostly is to blame. Birgitta is self-taught in all her fields of art, life and technology. She's been an active poet for 15 years and her poetry has been at display in various places. Her favorite things those days is to make webs and to interweave technology with some of her creative talents. She had been working at coordinating artshows and festivals, of all sizes and shapes. She is currently working at making a debut poem book on the net with sound files and sideshows. Take a peak at her womb of creation if you like to know more about her art and poems. Birgitta is also responsible for the Craters Web - She's been sitting and spinning the web like a manic spider and gathering the information from all the folks like an army of ants.

About the Mask and the Swing
The mask will display many many different faces and that is to emphasize the Chameleon element which the poem is about. The sounds provided with the words will also empasize this element. The swing stunt is just to add a little adventure to life. I see myself as taking part in the poem of adventure by creating a bit of adventure with it. The sounds will be in one way or another adventurous and the glitter that I will throw in the air over the head of the audience will touch them with a bit of magic. Hopefully making them a bit happier:)
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