She came to Asgard as a young child and has from an early age developed compassion and intuitiveness. She has used this knowledge to master healing and medicine.

Eir is a gentle being and always ready to use her knowledge when needed. Her hands have mystical powers. She only needs to place them on a wound, may it be physical or mental and after a short while that wound is no more.

She is mysterious and from her glows innocence of the new-born yet she is deep as the norns. Eir is a bit of a hermit and she spends most of her time wandering the golden fields of Asgard. She knows every plant, every blossom in Asgard and how to bring out their qualities for healing.

No one really knows where to look for her but she usually shows up when at time of great need and when called upon for healing. She has been worshipped and symbolised as the archetype of healing and medicine.


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