S a g a

In the deep and silent night
you walk the invisible shadow
with your ears and eyes alert.
You might hear her purr
and hope that you wont be
her next prey.
Hope that she wont lay
her love struck eyes upon on you.
Her spell is more powerful
then any other.
Because she does not only
crave for your devotion
she makes you shapeshift
forever into her favorite pet.
Tame your will
so that you loose your
longing for living except for her
and her games.

It's a seductive game of pleasure
it may be the key to all your desires
it may be what you have always dreamt of.
But then she strokes your alligator skin
with the feathers of lust
and then she leaves you in your
agony and craving.
Craving for her and nothing beyond.
Your will starts to crawl in
like a stinging nail in your heart
but you have forgotten what it is
you can only feel the scare, the emptiness
and the craving.



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