He is a son of Jotnar whom are Giants that are both feared and hated in Asgard. Because of his origin many find the close friendship he has with Odin odd. After all they they where the very first to blend their blood and become bloodbrothers. The friendship has never been fully explained but perhaps it has something do with the wisdom that it is better to befriend your greatest danger then resist it.

There are many stories about Loki and his sometimes unfortunate adventures. Usually some of the other Gods get involved in his adventures and often they get into terrible trouble because of Loki's thirst for excitement and need for experiments. Loki is also an archetype for the self destructive elements in the humans soul. There is always something happening when Loki is around. No one really knows if Loki is good or evil. Maybe he is both.

Loki and his wife Sigyn got two sons, they are Narfi and Vali. Loki also had three creatures/children with the Giant maiden Angurboda. These creatures are some of the greatest challenges and threats to the safety the Asgard.

These creatures are Fenrisulfur, he is a huge wolf, that has been predicted to be the root of the destruction of the world by swallowing the sun. Then there is Migardsormur the big worm/sea-monster that makes it almost impossible to travel by sea and Hel the lady in charge of the underworld.

Loki knows all secrets in Asgard that are worthy of remembering. He has this special presence that makes others surrender to his power and to do what ever pleases him. He is rather stubborn and sly. It is of great importance for him to proof to others and himself that he is not controlled by any law. Some look at him as the evil one himself but others have a bit milder perspective on him. He knows how to go with the flow and is a genius in disguises.

If non of the Gods would have had Loki's qualities then nothing really challenging would ever take place in Asgard. The Gods would become stagnant. Their special powers unused and slowly but surely they would loose their skills. Loki with his diverse nature has definitely kept them alert and in top shape.