If I whisper into
the ear of the eagle
that I miss you
will you come
riding on his back
to terminate
this emptiness?

If we melt together
will my desire then cease?

Will my soul always be
a flickering light
looking for something
that will grow in the rhythm
of my limitless maturity?
That will walk the same
untouched paths?
Will the boundaries of time
grant me roots to grow in foreign soil.
Will I then be a tree
that stretches my limbs
towards the ever changing sky
and the birds of spring
until my life fades away?

Or will I always be
a migrating bird
only travelling with myself.
Flying around in this
gigantic golden cage
of my perception?

Or will I become an angel
with huge wings
and eyes that cut through it all.
Will I then become your guardian angel
that takes you above it all?

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