The Ugly Duckling

Once there was a girl,
she was born to a loving mother.
She was different from all the other people.
In her little village fish was worshiped.
But she liked the earth.

All the people thought she was crazy
because she didn't like the things they liked.

Her mother also began to say,
you are crazy little girl,
be like them or they will hurt you.
And the little girl tried to like fish,
but she couldn't hide her love for the earth.

So the people hurt her,
even her loving mother became hostile.
They all wanted her to go away,
from the town,
because she didn't like the things they liked.

She fled the town,
and tried to find someone just like her.
But people would like different things.
The girl loved all life.

And she couldn't choose just one thing to like best
and even after she found worshipers of the earth
they would not like her and make her one of their own
because she liked other things just as much.

Finally after a long and difficult journey
she sat on a mountain top looking at the world.
And she felt the love of everything she liked
and she became enlightened.
Smiling with all her senses.

She drew to her like a magnet others like her.

And she understood that no matter
how awkward and strange,
she might feel to the surroundings,
there will always be someone out there
cut out of the same wood.

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