The PoemS

At last my breast tears
at last I see that my body
is full of flowers,
poisoned flowers
and currents run through my body.
At last life
or I don't know what this is.

Please let me float.
Please let me fall.
Please let me,
I can't live any more like this.

I don't know who I am.
I'm a crazy woman.
I just want to sing.
until my breast tears,
and everything outside vibrates with song,
which I perceive on this border.

Singing which drives the world insane.
Let me die
in a fire, in a wet grave,
watch, I demand you, watch.
Look, look at me.
That's the only way to love me.


Please let me walk over the
barefoot in a dress,
and seventeen singing plovers chase me.

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