About the work performed at Craters
This piece of work is about the sexual and divine energy when it harmony together and express itself like a waterfall in the rainbow.

Elísabet is born 16.04.58 the same day Charlie Chaplin was born. She has 9 children, 70 fiances and 63 friends. She smokes lot of cigarettes because she is afraid of her own power and therefor she is trying to figure it out. She can't live without music and always when she go to her desert island she fills it with music and then stays there. Until her boat comes. She can communicate with children, insane people, handicaps, cripples, strangers and geniuses, but has a hard time communicating with adult people, but has not given up yet. It means: always fighting. She can't live without beauty and she means all the possibilities of truth. Her favorite phrase : there is no time like now. She also loves: the waves, the boats, the nests, the towers, the tears, the stars, the cellars, the tables, the costumes and all hidden places. About men she loves the shoulders and the voice. About women she loves the movements and the hair. About children she loves the silence and all questions. Above all she needs eyes. Because she has this desperate passion to find out. It means the aha.
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