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one word less
it´s disappeared from the language at last
the word yep

nothing replaces it

we are on the right track
even if we are all on the path
to hell


Big decisions
Not until late in the evening
did she notice
he had been sitting motionless in the chair
since sevenish.

But then it was all too late;
she had found herself some other things
to think of. In fact she had made
decisions so great

that had he been capable
of delivering a protest
it would not have availed. It was as
if they had synchronized their watches

or stopped the grandiose cuckoo clock
on the wall.


I woke up long ago. Now that everyone is thinking
that spring is waiting
around the corner
it begins to snow. I put a cassette in the player
in the kitchen. I envisage the sun-baked roofs
in the New World. Down to Village Vanguard
lead eight steps ­ may God almighty
forgive me
if I err ­ that is to say
after entering from the sidewalk.
I pull the curtains. Now I do not want
to know of other worlds. This one
will do for the time being. And the phone rings. I hear news
of a relatives serious illness. I walk
over to the window
to ponder what I've heard. My neighbour
from 9b
lifts the dustbin lid in the alleyway
and it snows into the bin. Suddenly I feel
that I don't belong
here where I belong. And I think something else. I think
about the snow
that snowed in the dustbin.
And the snow on Mt. Esja
and the snow on the streets of New York.
I woke up long ago. Now that spring is waiting
around the corner
and the ringing of the phone has fallen silent
long ago
I'm far from sleeping again.

(transl. Bernard Scudder)
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