Beyond Borders Chapbook Series #5
Kelly Shepherd

Circumambulations first edition is published in a limited edition of 100 numbered copies. It compliments Kelly's poetry, printed on recycled paper and contains some of his best work. It is handmade.

Price: $12

In Other Words

"Kelly Shepherd is a young poet who cares deeply about the human and the natural, and that care, that sense of the spiritual, lies beneath the carefully wrought imagery in his poems."

"I have always admired the ‘reach’ of Kelly Shepherd’s poems; that is, I have always admired Kelly for avoiding the trendy, the rhetorical, and descending instead into the guts of this world, slowly, and with reverence."
- John Lent

"Kelly Shepherd’s poetry reflects his acute observation of ordinary life. His spare lines capture the essence of a scene or event or feeling and comment incisively, but unobtrusively. Shepherd’s poetry is both ironic and romantic, crystalline and lyrical."
- Curt Gesch

"Kelly Shepherd is like the quiet kid in class whose head is bursting with thoughts. It’s fitting, then, that Kelly writes with a quiet passion that literally roars between the lines."
- Mark Kozub, the Alberta Beatnik


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