Keeping up with the Joneses/Jónssons
The race for the good things in life (an ode to TV, the church and public servants)

(Part one)

I don't want to end up
a family man
that my destiny in life becomes
a car
an apartment
and waiting in line.

I want to be a star!
A hero of 7-year-olds.

Where I'm sitting, and the altarpiece in the living room casts its surface
onto my corneas
... then I basically don't care because

Bullet-riddled people don't drink milk
and starving children don't play defence for Valur's team
where sportsmanship glides over the lakes and is then shot down
like any old ptarmigan

Prisoner of conscience in Sudan
Do I care if they blow him away?
I'll let Amnesty write
that might save his life
if not they'll keep writing anyway

(Part two)

The prime minister giggles out loud
of his last speech he's pretty proud
about iron curtains and police power
trips abroad and ministers' deeds
in an age of inflation

The mob is a grimacing idiot
and the tape is a three-colored flag:

WHITE is the Colgate smile, frozen

BLUE is the sea
the fisherman's sea
the human ocean
of which everyone demands a quota

An Icelander's fiery spirit is RED
I'd rather have the money instead

And then there's the CROSS
the symbol of faith
the bureaucracy that holds us as one
really a lot of fun

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