Written before the war against Iraq begun 2003
this poem is dedicated to all the people working for peace in our world

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For Peace & not War
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Keep on going

We might be faced with evil wizards, Orcs, Trolls
power hungry abyss of darkness
We might be small as hobbits
We might feel invisible
to the overwhelming powers of war lovers

But we are not alone
with us are powers far greater than we comprehend
with us is the light
the force of peace
the force of justice
the force of compassion

Carry on
climb the mountain
though the top is not in sight
Carry on
on our quest
for salvation
for our bleeding world

The blood of children again
sacrificed on this troubled earth
for greed
for an in-comprehensive cause
Hawks of war
circle with great determination
Hawks of war
only do what they are told
kill for a living
hunt the pray
hunt and kill

Kill kill kill
don't let the call seduce you to believe
for a second that it is ever right

We are not alone
we who work for peace
in our hearts and in the world
let us keep the flame of hope living
let us not stop shouting for justice
take to the streets
and demand an end to this bloodbath of the innocent
and again
this is your work
your quest
your destiny