Written before the war against Iraq begun 2003
this poem is dedicated to those that dare to start a revolution in their own heart

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T a s t e o f B l o o d
joan of arc speaks through the
burning bush
bloody wings
and the voices are
pure and clear in his head

greed for power
for wealth
following humanity
since the first angels
fell from heaven
flesh eaters
burning emptiness

the drive
the passion
for the taste of blood

the heart confused
but the mind
is filled with ideas of patriotism and revenge

humanity torn
nothing seems real anymore

the smell of blood and wounds
of hunger
of broken families
virtual to us all
comfort is our middle name

i choose war
i choose to bomb those children
already suffering from the invisible war
in a
silent choice of the coward
look the other way
look the other way

each live lost
is a live lost

with each death
we all die a little