his face infested within mine

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Part II

Giving you what you didn't want
Part I

trusting you is like
putting my heart
at the knifes edge
and every time you lied
it cut right through me
like a razor blade
leaving a clean cut wound
that would heal on the surface
but bleed on the inside.

loving you is like
stripping me of me
and becoming
a falling star
falling into your
dark and dangerious desires.

lusting you is like
becoming a secret
that no one will know
but you
but you will tell
the world how it is
to touch me
and how my body became
your dreams.

giving you is like
standing at the end of the world
and throw all my sweetness
over the cliff
hoping it will one day
be returned.

leaving you is like
leaving a lost child
stranded by
all the big city lights
by all the beautiful dreams
woven from the sweetest lies.

But you know
I never said I would be your mother.

I let go off you
so you can ether sink or swim
in your world that is so alien to me.

And I can never
unless I become you...
...and I never said
I could or would become you.