the faces of the sisters

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Giving you what you didn't want
Part II

Once upon a time
there was beauty
in your eyes.

But I have never
seen this beauty
because this was when
you where still a child.

The eyes you put on me
where the eyes of the
tormented tyrant.

I could see the beauty
somewhere deep
inside you
and I sought to bring this out.

But you had no hope
this I did not know.

The virus of hatred
had infested in your soul.

the plague of self pity
made dark spots in your heart.

But I still tried until you
nearly killed me,
my soul, my trust, my love,
my body.

Then I ran through
the dark and dangerous forest
lost and scared
until I could no longer run.
Your rotten breath
pounding closer and closer.

So I sat down
and became as cunning as you
a lier like you.
While I calculated my escape.

I took care of everything
called upon my sisters,
strength, virtue, intuition
and together we spun
wings of courage
so I could fly above
your enchanted forest
into the castle
of the seven sisters
whom no man could enter
with dark spots in the heart.

And while I was flying
towards the castle
I could see your forest
wither away
and you
searching for
a new victim
weaving a new forest
around blue, blue