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This is the fly child. He was born on April the first and no one believed it when the nurse called to tell us that he was born. He had hair on is ears and was red all over. Needless to say he did not look like my dream sister when he was newly born. I was not pleased when I saw him. But he was so helpless and I in so much need for being nice to someone that I turned into a big fly-mama and protected him like he was indeed a helpless little fly. Soon his hair fell off the ears and as each day passed he became more and beautiful like the ugly duckling turning into a splendid swan. He became the golden child. And he and I where like black and white, I was the black sheep and maintained that role for the longest time. And to be honest then I wouldn't want to change a second in my life. Because I am very thankful for everything life has ever given to me. The rain and the shine. And my little brother the way he transformed from disapointment to great delight in my mind. That showed me how evertyhing has it's potential of hiding a little miracle within it.