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When I was a child I was a bit eccentric and perhaps strange to the other kids. I would rather speak with adults and read books then play with them. I would wake up at 5 in the mornings to have some time on my own and to read at least one book before I went to school. I finished the library in my little village, except the love stories. I actually rather read biographies then that. I was a bit of a black sheep and had big moods. But I know I was kind at heart, I was just very confused and lost. My life was very crazy but also very mysterious and beautiful. I was an old soul in a young persons body and in tune with the spirit world. When I wanted to play with the kids I was just to strange for them and thus I was an outcast and they would play pretty mean tricks on me. But I was lucky I didn't develop bitterness or distrust of fellow human beings. I have been ever so fortunate not to harvest anger, grief or resentment. It has been a lot of internal work and I actually spent a whole year in solitude after my father took his life in order to face my shadow side. In order to find my own inner securities and to face my fears. It was very hard but I am still reaping the benefits, because life keeps throwing challenges towards me. I feel a wave of gratitude towards everything that has ever occurred and all the people that have been part of my life in one way or another.