Charles Egill Hirt

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This is my late husband Charles Egill Hirt. He vanished from this earth in June 1993. His body was finally found 17th of June 1998, that day happens to be the Icelandic national day. I am so grateful for being granted to finish the circle. To do the ritual of the funeral.

This space here in cyberspace could well be his tombstone. He was my best friend,
almost like a twin brother.

He was a very creative person, he wrote, took great photos, made his dream come true when he published a magazine that had focus on fine photography and the roots of our culture. I sometimes see him as a delicate flower that just couldn't survive among all the wheat.

His favorite subject was people when he took photos. That is reflected in his work. I got him to go with me to the world of nature to capture some of gaia's best reflections. The photo of him is taken on one of those trips. Many of the photos on this site are by him.

An oath to those gone

May the sun walk with you,
the moon smile to you
Walking the milky way
you might look down and
throw a star towards me
To remind there is more
Much more than our eyesight can grasp

May you be what you are and will always be:

A delicate being with heart
shaped hands of light