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In Reykjavik I have this oasis, the sculpure garden with the mysterious work by Einar Jonsson. His work has always been an inspiration for me, like a thread in my soul. When I was in my mothers belly we used to live right next to the garden and she spent a lot of time there. When I was a kid I used to think there was a big grave in the garden, there is a hill there that I later found out contains his work that he wasn't pleased with and thus shattered into pieces and dug them there. I always take my friends from other countries that visit my humble city to the sculpure garden. They might never know but I feel a part of this garden. Like an old backyard I used to play in. In this garden I feel more like a kid then in any zoo I have ever been to. As a matter of fact then there is nothing that makes me more depressed that is supposed to be entertaining then going to a Zoo.