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The Golden Waterfall: Gullfoss

Once upon a time in Iceland's history, an English Baron wanted to buy the Golden Waterfall. One woman battled for the waterfall; ready to sacrifice her own life if that would be what it took to save this incredible gem in Iceland's nature. Her amazing effort paid off. The waterfall is still as wild and unspoiled as before and her spirits, forever woven into the mist of majestic water rushing down. Her name is Sigridur from Brattholti.

To stand next to this awesome power, makes one want to merge with nature, to feel at one with the mist. When low season for tourist one can wander to Gullfoss, lay down next to it's mist, drink it deep, feel the soft green grass, nourish, nourish.

Icelandic nature is facing great danger, because of shortsighted people. Last time I lived in Iceland there where protests against the building of the Karaknjuka damn. Every day for more than 200 days, people would gather at noon in front of the parliament to protest the sacrifice of one of our most amazing pearls, on the alter of greed. The interesting fact was that most often the majority of people gathered where old women.

I wish to pay a tribute to all those amazing elder women of Iceland, which have always had so much courage and wisdom. What would have happened to our beautiful golden waterfalls if there were not the lady of the mountain to look for it?
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

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