About Beyond Borders

We are a publishing venue for words, art and music. We make Big Books and Small Books, Poetry Posters and Art Posters, CD's and Multimedia. We publish globally. We don't believe in borders. We'd rather like to push borders or eliminate them, where possible. Our aim is to publish work that is transpersonal, beautiful and thought provoking. Our only rule is that the work we publish has to move us within our hearts and soul. We love to see different creative aspects merge. Beyond Borders was founded in 2000 in Cyberspace.

Our publications are produced with high technology and craftsmanship of the old. William Blake and Virginia Woolf are among our inspiration. Both had their own publishing venues so they could print and publish their creations the way they wanted.

Birgitta Jonsdottir is a poet, journalist, editor, designer, publisher and an activist. She works with various humanitarian and environmental groups. To learn more about Birgitta, google has the answers. Birgitta is considered a pioneer in bringing arts and poetry to the Internet, starting as early as 1995 with the ongoing project Womb of Creation and various collaborations with among others, Reykjavik Arts festival and Apple in Iceland.

Michael Lohr is professional writer/journalist, university researcher and adventurer. He is a Fellow with the Mudlark Society of the British Museum in London. He is a world explorer and belongs to many adventuring groups including The Explorerís Club; Global Research and Discovery Network; the International Metal Detectorist & Artifact Recovery Association based in Lisbon, Portugal; National Geographic Society, the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the World Mountain Institute.

To learn more about Michael, go to his personal web-site