Why Care for the Planet?

Daily we hear shocking news about the cruelty of men. Armaments are invariably used and neither the young nor the old are shown mercy. Isn't it our duty, as we become aware about these atrocities to try to initiate a new view of life. A view of life which could eventually have influence upon nations attitude towards taking responsibility for life, both regarding its treatment of Mother Earth and in solving disagreements by negotiations and not by the slaying of innocent people.

We need to introduce a new view of life, which rises above nations religion or culture.

There has always been a need for simple rules that people can understand and respect. Our cornerstones of religious guidance were made when the world was much simpler than today. Then there was hardly any technology, where as now we have arms and equipment with the capacity to destroy all life on earth. We waste, pollute and destroy our natural resources with the consequence that the earth may become virtually uninhabitable for future generations. We have no right to take more than we can give back. That is why it is of great importance to reassess our morals and our way of thinking, whether we are talking about disagreement between men, nations or our behaviour regarding mother nature.

The "future view of life" that follows is an attempt to put into words a way of life that could improve our way of thinking, regarding our responsibility to life and our association with Mother Earth.