The birth of a Crater is an act of dropping, a spontaneous burst, leaving only the beautiful mark behind, the Crater. Wondering about the act of dropping or the nature of a dropper, you might never guess there was first an idea, then there were people with vision and then, endless hours forming, structuring and planing.

Take the seed of an idea.
Plant it carefully in the creative soil.
Water it with enthusiasm.
Wait for some time and water it some more.
Place it among other plants of various colors.
Sit back and watch them weave together their roots so that their flowers and leaves may bring into the edge of our senses something unpredictable and breathtaking.

This plan would never had been put into action if we had known how big a snowball it turned into, and how steep a hill. Thanks to all the folks that share our vision and made this possible. Iceland is a small community with only 260 thousand inhabitants and since we live on an island, it is of great importance for us to be connected with he rest of the busy world. What better place to do so than through the Inter net??

Guidelines we worked with, forming this event, are everything said above

plus this:

It is important for all people to know their roots, to understand their cultural inheritance, in order to continue to create new realities.

Our languages - words - play an important role - How do we experience language - How are our words formed and how effective are they in expressing our feelings and thoughts?

Thoughts may be formed by strings of memories, interpreted by feelings. Whenever someone writes something of the sort, expressing feelings, others may feel entirely differently reading it, since we all experience words and our life a little bit in our own unique ways.

How fascinating it would be if poets showed us some of the blur between their carefully chosen words, using whatever technical means they could come up with.
Are we coming any closer to the core of the poet's expression?
Can the poetical use of high-tech tools add to the vision presented by poets?
Or, do poets wish to maintain the ambiguity, leaving the unique fantasies of many readers free to interpret their works?

The role of poems have more and more become to be the enjoyment of special sort of people - the cultural elite. Should we take this seriously? Once upon a time poems where considered recreational, for everyone! We like to think it still can be. How many of us, at least once, wrote a poem? How many of us are not truly understanding poetics or incapable of being poetical every now and then? What a boring place if only a few of us are sharing this!!

New values are being shaped, we are heading into an unforeseen future of digital signs and symbols, sounds and new ways of communicating. What will the new values be?

Craters on the Moon is an effort to bridge the gap between generations and cultures, technology and art. It is of great importance that we dump our fear of high technology and take active part in forming the future in the way we dream of. Our greatest advantage is the access to creative people - the Artist, who is eager to work, eager to share a vision of a future - poets, video artists, musicians, sound artists, graphic artists, performers and all the other crazy wizards - they have all seen it - the ideal future.

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