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Deep inside the mountain the adventures hide themselves. They are of all forms and shapes. They all have an excellent ending, because those who live their lives in adventure
see the world in an extra ordinary special way. To attract the adventures into the patterns of habit you only need to close your eyes and ask them to embrace you. You can also imagine that you are transparent

and feel the wind stream through you instead of going against you. Or imagine there are wings on your back and every time you take a new step you bounce a bit. Maybe life itself is one big adventure if only you have the correct shades on.

When I started to paint I was blown away by the beings that came to live on the canvas. I haven't painted for a long time and most of these artworks have been sold a long time ago. When I paint, or like I call it draint, because using pastels is somewhere between painting and drawing, I do it in one session, I find it hard to stop once I start. It is like a writing a half a poem to leave half finished work on the canvas. I have moved much of my creativity to the computer, there I can combine the different aspects of my creativity and create something new.

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