Written before the war against Iraq begun 2003
this poem is dedicated to all the people suffering in the war torn zones of our planet

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CountDown to WaR

My dreams are filled with dead children bodies,
piling up in the middle east.
I see their smiles, their future,
that could have been.

-I cry while I sleep now.

While awake I see headlines,
carefully constructed by the mass media
"Countdown to Iraq"
Who owns the media?
Who wants more children to die?
More oil, more power for the chosen few.
Who are the chosen few?
Are they me?
Are they you?

Can I remain awake or is life a living nightmare?
Can I look myself in the eyes and knowing
that I am just standing by
while the world is falling into the abyss of darkness?
-Deeper by day.

Do we dare risk anything
for our fellow brothers and sisters,
that are suffering in our world?
Do we dare be heroes and not just sit by as
bullets and missiles rain over the Palestinian children?
As the children in Afghanistan
die like flies yet another winter?
As the children in Iraq
wait with fear in their heart
about what will happen next?
Can we really sleep without seeing those bodies
pile up in our sleepless dreams?
The eyes, the smiles
that will be
no more.