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This is my perfect brother. No really he is one of the sweetest persons you can find on this planet. During the process of looking at my family through the birds eye view as I am putting this album together, I realise even if it might sound a bit corny how incredible rich I am. Even if my family is scattered all over the place, and into the other world. I am so rich to have shared my life with such colourful people. I am so rich to have a brother like my brother.

This photo is taken during one of our rare visits to the fishing village we grew up in. It is impossible to translate what I call this village to English without sounding offensive. But even if it was as ugly as can be when I was growing up, then I have some bright memories from there. And memory is selective but I do not need to be selective about the memories I got with Oddi my brother. They are simply all great.