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When I lived in New Jersey this view was part of my day to day walk. My oldest son Neptunus was a few months old when we lived at Medford Lakes. I took him for a walk everyday in his pram. During those walks I would talk to him and show him all the little things that where like miracles occurring all around. Everyone where really friendly there but it struck me when I lived in the US how segregated it is there. For example in Medford Lakes there was not one person of other color then white. Everyone was there was middle class or upper middle class. It was very strange to be there. I always thought of the US as this incredible melting pot of cultures but the fact is that most of these cultures have very little to do with each other. I lived in the US during the last year of the older Bush and the economy was not good. I couldn't get any work so I ended up working as a door to door "vacuumcleanersalesperson". It opened my eyes to very many things about the US culture. I was a great sales person and could have made it to the top but after selling a Kirby to these really sweet old folks that put them in a position of taking their first loan I felt so guilty and disgusted by the methods of selling these machines that I quit. I used to have to go sell Kirby in the really poor neighborhoods and it was totally bizarre because most of the people living there had nothing to spend, but yet Ii was convincing them that they couldn't live without the worlds most expensive vacuum cleaner. I even would sell them in the crack neighbourhoods and it was very scary to be driving around with this expensive machine in the back of my car knowing that sometimes people would be killed for less. But that is also another crazy thing about the US, the home of the fearful. As a matter of fact that was one of the reasons I moved away from there, the fear. I didn't want to raise my son in a country where fear of everyone and everything is so dominant in the culture. There is a lot of great people, some of whom are my best friends, in the US, but really, it is bizarre how silly they can be as a culture. I could tell you many stories about my life in the US, maybe I will find the time one day to write them in a short story format. Until then I only got this to say, I both love and loath the US.