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This is my mothers brother. He died when he was around 10. It is impossible to understand the shock of a parent when facing such an event of grief and loss. But the thing is that almost every human being is faced with great tragedies and it is simply a part of the human condition how we deal with those tragedies. But I think it must be one of the hardest events to deal with to hold your dying child in your arms and not be able to do anything to save it. And of course it has effected the whole family this loss. But as we loose something there is always something out there even if it is hard and almost impossible to see it to fill this void. Perhaps in the greater picture was his death a great blessing in some way even if I don't think it has been seen yet. My grandmother wrote a beautiful poem about her loss when she was a great deal younger. After reading it I saw her in an entirely different light.